You use forces  to move, change shape,  break and stop things.


Machines help us work. They help us to do things easily.

There are simple and complex machines

Simple machines: hammers, wheels, pullies, etc...
Complex machines: cars

They   can use to function:

 Human force:  Hammer and bottle opener.

Electricity: torches and batteries

Petrol: cars and motorcycles


Computers are machines. We use them for writing, drawing, finding information, listening to music…

parts of a computer:
CPU. This is the brain of the computer. All the other parts of the computer are connected to it.

Monitor. This shows texts and images.

Speakers: reproduce sounds and music.

Printer. We use this to print

Mouse. We use this to move the cursor.

Keyboard. We use this for writing.

Computers can be connected to a telephone line. Then, we can use the Internet